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Geoscience is the science of Planet Earth. In Primary Schools, Grade 4 children meet geoscience when they study rocks and minerals, the building blocks of our planet. This topic is a foundation science for later studies in environmental science and many others, yet the alarming reality is that many Grade 4 children miss out, because their teachers are not familiar with geoscience and/or they lack appropriate resources. Our mission is to overcome this challenge by (i) designing, manufacturing and distributing unique, cross-curricular kits which expose children to innovative, hands-on geoscience activities and (ii) providing teachers with basic geoscience – training workshops.

Our Grade 4 geoscience kitsworkshopmanualcover (Exploring Spaceship Earth) expose students to modern, dynamic science activities built on the key tenet of science, namely “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” There are two sequential levels of kit that meet Ontario’s Grade 4 curriculum. Delivered in class-pack format, the core resource comprises literacy-rich workshop manuals that guide students as they autonomously investigate science activities in teams of three. They learn how to make observations and use them to understand underlying causes and processes while cultivating basic “soft skills.” Our kits also nurture equity and inclusive education in science classrooms because the teacher’s role as a facilitator means they are readily available to help those students who need assistance. Motivating geoscience workshops are available for teachers where they can learn the basic science they did not receive during pre-service training.

The Class Pack

A class pack is designed to provide the entire experience of Exploring Spaceship Earth to the classroom in a box.  In it you will find all the manuals to be shared by the children as well as the teacher guide and corrector (note that in order to reduce the price – and the weight – of our kits, we now provide the manuals in PDF format), with sample and tool boxes for each workshop.  The samples and tools are distributed to the class for the workshop activity, then gathered back into the box for future users.  With effective coordination, class packs have been shared from one classroom to another inside one school as well as between schools and across school boards.